The core business of “Trionis Vet” is the scientific development, production and sale of the original veterinary preparations, vitamin and mineral complexes, and feed additives for the livestock.  

Currently, there has been launched the production of antibacterial preparations in the form of injectable and oral solutions and water-soluble powders.

The company has developed and brought to the Russian market a probiotic under the trademark “Provagen”, the production of which is in full compliance with the quality standards. 

The real scientific breakthrough and pride of the company is the development of the innovative antiviral drug “Triviron”, which has no counterparts in the world. The medical agent is intended to combat infectious diseases caused by RNA viruses. 

Both preparations have international patents. All medical agents are duly registered and comply with state standards and norms, as evidenced by relevant certificates. 

The effectiveness is confirmed by time and veterinarians of livestock farms.

Our advantages:

  • our own production

  • our own unique formulas

  • quality assurance of every batch produced

  • we provide technical service and support


 14 Lesnaya Str., Off. 5

Yubileyny District,

Korolyov, 141092

Moscow Region, Russian Federation

Phone number: +7 (499) 753 83 93

E-mail: info@trionisvet.ru

Website: www.trionisvet.ru

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141092, Московская область,
г. Королев, мкр.Юбилейный,
ул. Лесная, д.14, оф.5
+7 (499) 753-83-93